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What happens to my RefWorks account when I leave Hopkins?


Active JHED users can access RefWorks.

Access to RefWorks is lost when a user's identity is removed from the Johns Hopkins JHED Directory.

Use RefWorks as an Alumnus

Create a “new” RefWorks account under the Alumni Program using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select "Sign Up for a New Account"
  3. Select the "I have a Group Code" tab
  4. Enter the following: rwalumni
  5. Select "Create an account at the RefWorks Alumni Site"
  6. Submit the required information
  7. Select the "Create" button when finished

Transfer an Existing RefWorks Library to an Alumni RefWorks Account

Export existing RefWorks library information to the RIS format. Once in the RIS format, the existing RefWorks information can be imported.

Import the RIS file into the Alumni new account, choosing the same RIS filter.