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Location Today January 18
January 19
January 20
January 21
January 22
January 23
Welch Staff Offices
2024 E. Monument Street
By appointment9am-5pm Closed Closed Closed By appointment9am-5pm By appointment9am-5pm By appointment9am-5pm
Welch Library Building
1900 E. Monument Street
Open9am-6pm Open10am-4pm Closed Closed Open9am-6pm Open9am-6pm Open9am-6pm
Welch Service Center
1900 E. Monument Street
Staffed9am-6pm Staffed10am-4pm Closed Closed Staffed9am-6pm Staffed9am-6pm Staffed9am-6pm
Welch at Zayed
1800 Orleans Street
Staffed9am-4pm Closed Closed Closed Staffed9am-4pm Staffed9am-4pm Staffed9am-4pm
Welch at Armstrong
1600 McElderry Street
Open 24hrs Open 24hrs Open 24hrs Closed Open 24hrs Open 24hrs Open 24hrs
Welch at Hampton House
624 N. Broadway
Staffed10am-3pm Closed Closed Closed Staffed10am-3pm Staffed10am-3pm Staffed10am-12pm
Welch at School of Nursing
525 N. Wolfe Street
Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Staffed12pm-1:30pm Closed
Welch at School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street
Closed Closed Closed Closed StaffedBy appointment StaffedBy appointment StaffedBy appointment
Welch at Mount Washington
5801 Smith Avenue
By appointment Closed Closed Closed By appointment By appointment By appointment