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How do I get full-text or a PDF of an article?


Access resources from off-campus by logging in using a JHED ID and password.  Users can choose to log in using a VPN connect, through the Welch website or through the Lean Library browser plug-in.

Search and access full-text or PDF using Find Itarticle search on the Welch homepage, or one of the many databases that Welch provides.

Lean Library can be added to your browser at

Alternatively, use the journals tab on the Welch homepage to identify the source journal and navigate through the archive, year and volume to the desired article.

From an article record in a database or on a journal website, select icons and/or links for Find It, JHU Full-Text, or Lean Library for the most direct path to access.

When full-text is not available electronically, it can be requested via Interlibrary Loan.

Also see: Get Help: How do I request an article?

Troubleshooting Google Scholar

Find and select the "Johns Hopkins University - FIND IT @ JHU Full Text" library access link in Google Scholar Settings to display Johns Hopkins access links to Google Scholar search results.

Troubleshooting JHED Login Problems

Specify a current Johns Hopkins email address and a Primary Campus designation as "East Baltimore Campus" under "MyProfile" at

See "Get Help: How do I get help with JHED log in?" for more information about JHED troubleshooting.

If you have a problem

If full-text or a PDF are unavailable, request a copy via Find It or Email Us with a citation for the article or a description of a problem.