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Who can use Welch Medical Library?


Holders of an active Johns Hopkins identification badge can use library resources and enter the Welch Medical Library Building. This includes Johns Hopkins University and Medicine faculty, staff, students. Alumni are eligible to purchase access to library resources.

Present an active Johns Hopkins identification badge at the security check point to access the Welch Medical Library Building.

The Welch Medical Library Building is accessible to people with limited mobility.


Visitors are spouses/partners and dependents of Johns Hopkins affiliates.

Visitors require a current photo ID to enter the Welch Medical Library Building and a library card to borrow items.

Alumni of Johns Hopkins University and Medicine

All University alumni must present a valid membership card before entering the library building to use in-house resources of Welch Library and to do photocopying. JHMI alumni may enter the library building without an alumni card during business hours. However, JHMI alumni with a current alumni card, may purchase a library card, providing access to Welch library services such as borrowing, photocopying, and using in-house resources. In-house use of databases is permitted but remote access is prohibited. The Harrison Library at Bayview does not honor alumni access.

Alumni of the Johns Hopkins University may purchase borrowing privileges from individual libraries or, for a larger fee, from all Hopkins libraries. Single membership buys access to only the one library print collection ($100); the larger (all libraries) membership ($200 per year) buys physical access to all print/av collections, remote access to library resources is prohibited. It is intended that alumni purchase their privileges from the library in the school from which they graduated. A photo ID is required to enter Hopkins libraries. The Harrison Library at Bayview does not honor alumni access.

Contact the Welch Service Center (WSC) for help with problems at (410) 955-3410, via instant chat, or

  • 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday-Friday
  • 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Saturday