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How do I export citations from EndNote to RefWorks?


Export EndNote references to RefWorks by following these steps:

  1. In EndNote, select 'File Menu,' then 'Output Styles'
  2. Select 'RefMan (RIS) Export' for the output style (Note: if the RIS format is not found, open the Style Manager and check the 'RefMan' format. Close the Style Manager and repeat the step.)
  3. Select the references to export
  4. Select the 'Reference' menu, choose 'Show Selected' (or 'Show All' to export the entire database)
  5. Select the 'File' menu, choose 'Export' 
  6. When the dialog box appears, select a location to save the exported file
  7. Type a file name, then select a location for importing into RefWorks
  8. Save the file in the .txt format and choose 'Save'
  9. Open RefWorks, and click the Add icon in the top menu
  10. Choose Import References from the drop-down menu
  11. Drag or select the file to be imported
  12. The file import format will be RIS Format. Select either EndNote Macintosh OR EndNote Windows (depending on your computer) from the drop-down box
  13. Choose 'Import' at the bottom of the import window
  14. The records should automatically appear in the Last Imported folder