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Dimensions is the world’s largest linked research database, covering scholarly publications, grants, patents, clinical trials, datasets, policy documents, and technical reports. It enables researchers, research administrators, and their colleagues to explore and analyze links between documents, analyze research activity, identify potential collaborators, and understand the entire research landscape, encompassing individual researchers, research organizations, funders, publications, publishers, open access, trending topics, and more. Although it's not required, we strongly recommend setting up a Dimensions account to access the full suite of analytic capabilities. Further information on how to set up an account and use Dimensions is available on the Dimensions LibGuide.

Use Dimensions to:

  • Conduct topical searches across publications, datasets, policy documents, grants, clinical trials and patents
  • Find citation metrics and altmetrics attention for publications
  • Analyze research outputs of researchers and research organizations
  • Retrieve automatically-created analytics and visualizations, and export results to create your own
  • Compare organizational strengths and identify collaborators and competitors