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How do I move RefWorks references into a group account?


Move references from a RefWorks individual account to a RefWorks group account by following these steps:

  1. When logged into an individual RefWorks account, select 'References', then select 'Export'
  2. Choose the references to be exported to a group account
  3. Select 'RefWorks Tagged Format'
  4. Select the button: 'Export Text File'
  5. Save the exported file 
  6. Log out of the individual account and log in to the group account
  7. In the group account, Select 'References' at the top of the screen. Select 'Import'.
  8. Choose the 'RefWorks Tagged Format' (Important)
  9. Select the folder to save the citations
  10. Select the button: 'Import Data from the following file'
  11. Browse for the saved file (on the desktop)
  12. Select the 'Import Button' (at the bottom of the screen)

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