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How do I insert RefWorks references into a document?


Insert RefWorks references into a document using either of two approaches that are described below:

  • Write-N-Cite
  • One Line/Cite View

Insert references with Write-N-Cite

Write-N-Cite requires a quick one-time installation which will install this feature within a Microsoft Word program (version 4). PC users have the option of using earlier versions of Write-N-Cite (version 3), which places a red icon on the desktop. Once it is installed, this feature will access RefWorks when needed. This utility can be found under the Tools menu within the RefWorks program. The tool provides quick easy access to citing references in a documents. While in RefWorks, do the following: 

  1. Go to 'Tools'
  2. Under Tools, find 'Write-N-Cite'
  3. Select the correct operating system version of Write-N-Cite

Insert references with One Line/Cite View

This method requires a multi-step process. One Line/Cite view can be used without remote access to any Johns Hopkins campuses. View references using the One Line/Cite View format. Open a Word document. Each time a references is to be cited use the Cite link for the corresponding reference and follow the directions on the screen. Each reference selected will be cited within the paper.

  1. Next to 'All References' label: switch to One Line/Cite View (pull-down menu)
  2. Select 'Cite' (a small square box will appear).
  3. Citation will appear in the center of box
  4. Choose 'Select Citation' button
  5. Go to Edit (at the top of the box) and select 'Copy'
  6. Select 'Clear citation' box (Important)
  7. Return to the document and place cursor where in-text citation is to go
  8. Paste (Ctrl-V)
  9. Save the document when complete. Select the 'Bibliography' tab.
  10. Choose an output style
  11. Select 'Format Paper' and bibliography button
  12. Browse for the saved document
  13. Select the 'Create Bibliography' button
  14. Results will show 2 files: a source document and a final document. The source document is for making edits or changes. The final document is the finished document.

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