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Absorption and Drug Development, 2003.  by Avdeef (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Acoustic Echo and Noise Control, 2004.  Eberhard Hansler (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Advances in Health Economics, 2003.  Scott (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Ageing Vulnerability: Causes and Interventions, 2001.  edited by Bock, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Alzheimer\'s Disease: Advances in Etiology, Pathogenesis and Therapeutics.  Iqbal, 2001(Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Anesthesia for Congenital Heart Disease, 2nd ed., 2010.  (Wiley) Andropoulos[JHU]
Animal Transgenesis and Cloning, 2003.  by Houdebine (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Anxiety Disorders: An Introduction to Clinical Management and Research.  Griez, 2001(Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Apoptosis and Autoimmunity, 2003.  (Wiley) Kalden[HCGH][JHU]
Applied Bayesian Modelling, 2003.  (Wiley) Congdon[HCGH][JHU]
Applied Logistic Regression, 2nd ed. 2000.  (Wiley) Hosmer[JHU]
Applied Numerical Methods using MATLAB, 2005.  Yang (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Atlas of the Diabetic Foot, 2003.  by Katsilambros, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Autism: Neural Basis and Treatment Possibilities, 2003..  (Wiley) Bock[HCGH][JHU]
Bayesian Modeling Using WinBUGS, 2009.  (Wiley) Ntzoufras[JHU]
Biocatalysis, 2004.  Bommarius (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation, 2nd ed., 2001.  Krauss (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation, 3rd ed. 2003.  (Wiley) Krauss[HCGH][JHU]
Biodynamics, 2004.  West (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Bioethics for Scientists.  Bryant, 2002 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Bioinformatics : From Genomes to Drugs, 2002..  (Wiley) Lengauer[HCGH][JHU]
Bioinformatics : From Genomes to Therapies, 2007.  (Wiley) Lengauer[JHU]
Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, 2003.  Pevsner (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Bioinformatics for Geneticists.  edited by Barnes, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Bioinformatics: A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Genes and Proteins, 2nd ed..  Baxevanis, 2001 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Bioinorganic Chemistry.  Roat-Malone (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Biological Psychiatry, 2002.  edited by D'Haenen, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Biological Reaction Engineering, 2nd ed., 2003.  Dunn ... et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Biologist\'s Guide to Analysis of DNA Microarray Data, 2002.  Steen Knudsen (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Biomedical Applications of Proteomics, 2004..  (Wiley) Sanchez[HCGH][JHU]
Biosciences on the Internet: A Student\'s Guide.  Dussart, 2002 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Bipolar Disorder, vol. 5.  Maj, 2002 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Cancer Immune Therapy.  Stuhler, 2003 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Careers with the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2nd ed. 2003.  Stonier (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Cell Biology, 2nd ed. 2004.  by . Bolsover, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Cell Cycle and Development.  Bock, 2001 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Cell Cycle and Growth Control : Biomolecular Regulation and Cancer, 2nd ed., 2004.  edited by Stein, Pardee (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Cell Motility : from Molecules to Organisms, 2004.  Ridley (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Cellular Aspects of HIV Infection.  Cossarizza, 2002 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Cellular Proteins and Their Fatty Acids in Health and Disease, 2003..  (Wiley) Duttaroy[HCGH][JHU]
Chemistry of Nanomaterials, 2004.  C. N. R. Rao (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Pathogenesis to Treatment, 2001.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Clinical Data Management, 2nd ed..  Rondel, 2000 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Clinical Neuropsychology, 2004.  Goldstein (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Clinical Trials : a Methodologic Approach, 2nd ed. 2005.  (Wiley) Piantadosi
Clostridia : Biotechnology and Medical Applications, 2001.  Bahl (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Competing Risks: A Practical Perspective, 2006.  (Wiley) Pintilie[JHU]
Complexity in Biological Information Processing, Novartis Foundation symposium 239.  Bock, 2001 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Conducting GCP-Compliant Clinical Research.  Bohaychuk, 1999 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Connective Tissue and its Heritable Disorders, 2nd ed., 2002.  edited by Royce, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Culture of Epithelial Cells, 2nd ed..  Freshney, 2002 (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Culture of Human Tumor Cells, 2004.  Pfragner (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Current Protocols Essential Laboratory Techniques.  (Wiley)[JHU]
Current Protocols in Bioinformatics.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[HCGH][JHU]
Current Protocols in Cell Biology.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[JHU]
Current Protocols in Chemical Biology.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[JHU]
Current Protocols in Cytometry.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[JHU]
Current Protocols in Food Analytical Chemistry.  (Wiley)[JHU]
Current Protocols in Human Genetics.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[HCGH][JHU]
Current Protocols in Immunology.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[HCGH][JHU]
Current Protocols in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  (Wiley)[JHU]
Current Protocols in Microbiology.  (Wiley)[FREE/OA]
Current Protocols in Molecular Biology.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[JHU]
Current Protocols in Mouse Biology.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[JHU]
Current Protocols in Neuroscience.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[JHU]
Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[JHU]
Current Protocols in Pharmacology.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[JHU]
Current Protocols in Protein Science.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[HCGH][JHU]
Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology.  (Wiley)[KKI][JHU]
Current Protocols in Toxicology.  (Wiley) Updated quarterly.[HCGH][JHU]
DNA Chromatography, 2002.  by Gjerde, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Dementia, Maj 2nd ed., 2003.  Wiley[HCGH][JHU]
Dementia, Maj, Archive Ed. 2000.  (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Depressive Disorders, Archive Edition 1999.  Edited by Maj, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Depressive Disorders, Maj 2nd ed, 2003.  Wiley[HCGH][JHU]
Determining Health Expectancies, 2003.  edited by Robine, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Development of the Cardiac Conduction System, 2003.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Diabetes in Old Age, 2nd ed. 2001.  Edited by Sinclair, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Diabetic Nephropathy, 2001.  Edited by Hasslacher (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Dictionary of Pharmacoepidemiology, 2000.  by Begaud (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Digital Histology, 2004.  Pakurar (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Digital Neuroanatomy, 2006.  (Wiley) Leichnetz[JHU]
Directed Molecular Evolution of Proteins.  Brakmann (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Disease Surveillance: A Public Health Informatics Approach, 2007.  (Wiley) Lombardo[JHU]
Down Syndrome, Cohen 2003.  Wiley[HCGH][JHU]
Drug Bioavailability, 2003.  edited by van der Waterbeemd, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Drug Regimen Compliance, 1999.  edited by Metry, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Drug Safety Evaluation, 2002.  by Gad (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Drug Targeting: Organ-Specific Strategies, 2001.  Molema (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Drug-Membrane Interactions, 2003.  Seydel (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Drugs : From Discovery to Approval, 2004.  Ng (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Eating Disorders, WPA series evidence and experience in psychiatry ; vol. 6, 2003.  edited by Maj, et al. (Wiley)
Econometric Analysis of Health Data, 2002.  edited by Jones, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Eicosanoids, 2004.  (Wiley) Curtis-Prior[HCGH][JHU]
Electromyography : Physiology, Engineering, and Noninvasive Applications, 2004.  (Wiley) Merletti[JHU]
Elements of Molecular Neurobiology, 3rd ed. 2002.  by Smith (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Emergencies in Diabetes, 2004.  (Wiley) Krentz[HCGH][JHU]
Emerging Tools for Single-cell Analysis, 2000.  Edited by Durack, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics Proteomics and Bioinformatics, 2005.  (Wiley) Jorde[HCGH][JHU]
Endocrine Facets of Aging, 2002.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Enzyme Systems that Metabolise Drugs and other Xenobiotics, 2002.  edited by Ioannides, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Enzymes: A Practical Introduction to Structure, Mechanism, and Data Analysis 2nd ed., 2002.  Copeland (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus, 2001.  Edited by Ekoe`, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Epigenome : Molecular Hide and Seek, 2003.  (Wiley) Beck[JHU]
Erythropoietin : Blood, Brain and Beyond, 2004.  Sytkowski (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Essentials of Medical Genomics, 2003.  by Brown (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Essentials of Telemedicine and Telecare, 2002.  by Norris (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Evaluating Family Support, 2003.  Katz (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Evidence Base for Diabetes Care, 2002.  edited by Williams, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Evolutionary Developmental Biology of the Cerebral Cortex, 2000.  Edited by Bock, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Explosives, 5th ed. 2002.  Kohler, J. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, 5th ed., 2016.  (Wiley) Verzuh[JHU]
Femtochemistry, 2001.  De Schryver (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Flow Cytometry: First Principles, 2001.  By Givan (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Foot in Diabetes, 3rd ed. 2001.  Edited by Boulton, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
From Genes to Genomes, 2002.  by Dale, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
From Genome to Therapy, 2000.  Edited by Bock, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Functional Metabolism : Regulation and Adaption, 2004.  Storey (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Fundamentals of Psychopharmacology, 3rd ed. 2003.  by Leonard (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Gastroenteritis Viruses, 2001.  Edited by Chadwick, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Gastrointestinal Function in Diabetes Mellitus, 2004.  Horowitz (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Gene Therapy Technologies, Applications and Regulations, 1999.  Edited by Meager, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Generation and Effector Functions of Regulatory Lymphocytes, 2003.  edited by Bock, et al. (wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Genetically Engineered Food : Methods and Detection, 2003..  Heller (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Genetics and Biology of Sex Determination, 2002.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Genetics and Tuberculosis, 1998.  Edited by Chadwick, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Genetics and the Logic of Evolution, 2004.  Weiss (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Genomic Imprinting and Uniparental Disomy in Medicine, 2002.  By Engel, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Genomics, Proteomics, and Vaccines, 2004..  Grandi (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Genomics: The Science and Technology Behind the Human Genome Project, 1999.  by Cantor, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Glial Neurobiology, 2007.  (Wiley) Verkhratsky[JHU]
Good Clinical Practice, 1998.  edited by Kolman, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Guide to Analysis of DNA Microarray Data, 2nd ed. 2004.  Knudsen (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Guiding Icarus, 2002.  by Dhanda (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Handbook of Bibliometric Indicators : Quantitative Tools for Studying and Evaluating Research, 2016.  (Wiley) Todeschini[JHU]
Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology, 2003.  Llewelyn (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Handbook of Cognition and Emotion, 1999.  Dalgleish (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Handbook of Comparative Genomics, 2nd ed., 2003.  Saccone (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Handbook of Eating Disorders, 2nd ed., 2003.  Treasure (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts, 2nd ed., 2003.  Carson (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Handbook of Spectroscopy, 2003.  G. Gauglitz (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Handbook of Statistical Genetics, 3rd ed., 2007.  (Wiley) Balding[JHU]
Handbook of Work and Health Psychology, 2nd ed., 2003.  Schabracq (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Handheld Computers for Doctors, 2003.  Al-Ubaydli (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Hansenula Polymorpha, 2002.  Gellissen (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Hospitalist Recruitment and Retention : Building a Hospital Medicine Program, 2010.  (Wiley) Simone[JHU]
Human Polyomaviruses, 2001.  edited by Khalili, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
IR and Raman Spectroscopy, 2003.  Siegfried Wartewig (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
In Silico: Simulation of Biological Processes, 2002..  (Wiley) Bock[JHU]
In Vivo NMR Spectroscopy: Principles and Techniques, 2nd Edition, 2007.  (Wiley) de Graaf[JHU]
Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organizations, 2003.  Davidson (Wiley)
Industrial Guide to Chemical and Drug Safety, 2003.  by Dikshith, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Inorganic Biochemistry of Iron Metabolism 2nd ed., 2002.  Crichton (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
International Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis, 2001.  Edited by Burrows, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
International Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology, 2003.  Fransella (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, v. 18, 2003.  Cooper (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, v. 19 2004.  Cooper (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
International Textbook of Obesity, 2001.  Edited by Per Bjorntorp, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Introduction to Computational Biochemistry, 2002.  by Tsai (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Introduction to Enzyme and Coenzyme Chemistry, 2nd ed., 2009.  (Wiley) Bugg[JHU]
Introduction to Human Molecular Genetics, 2nd ed., 2005.  Pasternak (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Introduction to Laser Technology, 3rd ed. 2001.  Breck Hitz (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Introduction to Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy, 2001.  Edited by Kresina, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Introduction to Tissue-Biomaterial Interactions, 2002.  by Dee, et al[HCGH][JHU]
Introductory Guide to Disease Mapping, 2001.  by Lawson, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Ion Channels: From Atomic Resolution Physiology to Functional Genomics, 2002.  edited by Bock, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Kodak\'s Ergonomic Design for People at Work, 2nd ed., 2004.  (Wiley)[JHU]
LC/MS Applications in Drug Development, 2002.  by Lee (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
MRI : Basic Principles and Applications, 3rd ed., 2003.  Brown (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Management of Data in Clinical Trials, 2nd ed., 2007.  (Wiley) McFadden[JHU]
Manager\'s Guide to the Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials, Good, c. 2003,.  (Wiley InterScience)[HCGH][JHU]
Managing Scientists, 2nd ed. 2004.  (Wiley) Sapienza[JHU]
Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery, 5th ed., 2011.  (Wiley) Bojar[JHU]
Mechanisms and Biological Significance of Pulsatile Hormone Secretion, 2000.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Mechanisms of Drug Resistance in Epilepsy, 2002.  edited by Bock, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Medical Biofilms : Detection, Prevention and Control, 2003.  Jass (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Medical Imaging Physics, 4th ed. 2002.  by Hendee, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Medicinal Natural Products, 2nd ed. 2002.  by Dewick, (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Metal-Based Neurodegeneration: From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapeutic Strategies, 2006.  (Wiley) Crichton[JHU]
Microarray Quality Control, 2004.  Zhang (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Microbial Functional Genomics, 2004.  Zhou (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Microbial Fundamentals of Biotechnology, 2001.  edited by Braun, Gotz (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Microbial Physiology, 4th ed. 2002.  by Moat, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Microbial Transport Systems, 2002.  by Winkelmann (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Microscopic Techniques in Biotechnology, 2003.  Hoppert (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Mitochondria, 1999.  By Scheffler (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Model Organisms in Drug Discovery, 2003.  Carroll (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Modern Microbial Genetics, 2nd ed., 2002.  edited by Streips, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Molecular Basis of Skeletogenesis, 2001.  Edited by Cardew, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Molecular Biology Problem Solver, 2001.  Edited by Gerstein, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Molecular Biology in Cellular Pathology, 2003.  edited by Crocker, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Molecular Biology of CIrcadian Rhythms, 2003.  Sehgal (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 2004.  Prendergast (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Molecular Clocks and Light Signalling, 2003.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Molecular Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases, 2008.  (Wiley) Wild[JHU]
Molecular Switches, 2001.  (Wiley) Feringa[HCGH][JHU]
Mucus Hypersecretion in Respiratory Disease, 2002.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Nature of Intelligence, 2000.  edited by Bock, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Neural Transplantation in Neurodegenerative Disease: Current Status and New Directions, 2000.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Neuronal and Cognitive Effects of Oestrogens, 2000.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Neurotransmitters and Neuromodulators, 2003.  von Bohlen und Halbach (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Neurotransmitters, Drugs and Brain Function, 2001.  Edited by Webster, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Novel Vaccination Strategies, 2004.  Kaufmann (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Numerical and Analytical Methods for Scientists and Engineers Using Mathematica, 2003.  Daniel Dubin (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Nutritional Management of Diabetes Mellitus, 2003.  (Wiley) Frost[JHU]
Obesity and Diabetes, 2004.  (Wiley) Barnett[JHU]
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, 2nd ed., 2002.  edited by Maj, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Archive ed. 2000.  Edited by Maj, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Oncogenomics : Molecular Approaches to Cancer, 2004.  Brenner (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Osteoarthritic Joint Pain, 2004.  (Wiley) Chadwick[JHU]
PACS and Imaging Informatics, 2004.  Huang (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Partition and Adsorption of Organic Contaminants in Environmental Systems, 2003.  Chiou (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Patch Clamping, 2003.  by Molleman (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits, Third Edition, 2007.  (Wiley) Percy[JHU]
Peptides: Chemistry and Biology, 2003.  Sewald (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Perception and the Physical World, 2002.  Heyer (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology : Drug Discovery & Clinical Applications, 2004.  Kayser (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Pharmaceutical Ethics, 2002.  edited by Salek, et al. (Wiley)[JHSP][JHU]
Pharmacoepidemiology, 3rd ed., 2000.  edited by Strom (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Pharmacogenomics: The Search for Individualized Therapies, 2002.  edited by Licinio, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Design, 2001.  Edited by Smith, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Pharmacovigilance, 2002.  edited by Mann, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Philosophy of Evidence-Based Medicine, 2011.  (Wiley) Howick[JHU]
Phobias, 2004.  Maj (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Plant Genomics and Proteomics, 2004.  by Cullis (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Practical Flow Cytometry, 4th ed. 2003.  Shapiro (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Practical Guide to Clinical Virology, 2nd ed., 2002.  edited by Haaheim, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Practical Guide to Cluster Randomised Trials in Health Services Research, 2012.  (Wiley) Eldridge[JHU]
Practical Guide to the Genetic Family History, 1999.  By Bennett (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, 2001.  Edited by Harper, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Principles and Practice of Clinical Parasitology, 2001.  Edited by Gillespie, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Principles and Practice of Clinical Virology, 4th ed. 2000.  edited by Zuckerman, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Principles and Practice of Clinical Virology, 5th ed. 2004.  (Wiley) Zuckerman[JHU]
Principles and Practice of Geriatric Psychiatry, 2nd ed. 2002.  edited by Copeland, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine, 2002.  edited by Fletcher, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Principles and Practice of Travel Medicine, 2001.  Edited by Zuckerman, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Protein Crystallography in Drug Discovery, 2004..  (Wiley) Babine[JHU]
Protein Microarray Technology, 2004.  by Kambhampati (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Proteomic and Genomic Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease, 2003.  (Wiley) Van Eyk,[JHU]
Proteomics in Practice, 2002.  Edited by Westermeier, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Psychiatric Diagnosis and Classification, 2002.  Edited by Maj, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Psychiatry as a Neuroscience, 2002.  Edited by Lopez-Ibor, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Psychiatry in Society, 2002.  Edited by Sartorius, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Psychology in Diabetes Care, 2000.  Edited by Snoek, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Psychology of Group Aggression, 2002.  Goldstein (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Psychopharmacology, 4th ed., 2003.  Spiegel (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Psychosocial Aspects of Pediatric Oncology, 2004.  (Wiley) Kreitler[JHU]
Quality of Life, 2000.  by Fayers, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Quantitative MRI of the Brain, 2003.  (Wiley) Tofts[JHU]
Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces, 2004.  Shunlin Liang (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Recovered Memories : Seeking the Middle Ground, 2001.  Davies (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Regional Nerve Blocks and Infiltration Therapy, 3rd ed., 2004.  (Wiley) Jankovic[JHU]
Research Methods in Clinical Psychology, 2nd ed. 2002.  Barker (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Retinal Dystrophies: Functional Genomics to Gene Therapy, 2004.  (Wiley) Bock[HCGH][JHU]
Role of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum in Smooth Muscle, 2002.  edited by Chadwick, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Rossi\'s Principles of Transfusion Medicine, 4th ed., 2009.  (Wiley) Simon[JHU]
SSRIs in Depression and Anxiety, 2001.  Edited by Montgomery, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Safety and Health for Engineers, 2nd ed., 2006.  (Wiley) Brauer[JHU]
Schizophrenia, 1999.  Edited by Maj, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Schizophrenia, 2nd ed. 2002.  edited by Maj, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Science and Ethics of Engineering the Human Germ Line, 2003.  by Gordon (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Signal Transduction and Human Disease, 2003.  by Finkel, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Smart Antennas, 2003..  Sarker (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Social Brain, 2003.  edited by Brune, et al. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Sodium Channels and Neuronal Hyperexcitability, 2002.  Edited by Bock, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Statistical Meta-Analysis with Applications, 2008.  (Wiley) Hartung[JHU]
Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, 2nd ed. 2000.  Meier, Peter C. (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 4th ed., 2002.  (Wiley) Armitage[JHU]
Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy, 1998.  Edited by Quesenberry, et al (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Stephens\' Detection of New Adverse Drug Reactions, 5th ed., 2004.  Talbot (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
Structural Bioinformatics, 2003.  Bourne (Wiley)[HCGH][JHU]
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