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The Science Of Last Minute Decision-Making

Hopkins Cardiologist Says Love Is More Than An Affair Of The Heart

New Analysis: Yearly Prostate Cancer Surveillance Not A Necessity

Could Testosterone Be Reason For Men Getting Asthma At Less Frequent Rates Than Women?

Questions Raised About Rising Cost Of Pneumococcal Vaccine

Grassroots HIV Prevention Targets High Risk Populations

Childhood Trauma Is Written On The Epigenome And Carried Into Adulthood

Symposium & Concert To Explore Links Between Mood Disorders, Art And Music

Science Grapples With The Ethics of Brain Implants

The Hypnotic Pull Of Junk Food Distraction

Hopkins Team To Transform Computers Into "Digital Detectives"

New Methods Sought To Address Childhood Obesity

Study On Cell Resistance To Radiation Could Improve Cancer Treatments

Hopkins And UMBC Work To Extend Viability Of Organs & Body Parts For Transplant

"Transforming Research" Forum At Hopkins Oct. 12th & 13th

The Latest From Biomedical And Life Sciences Lectures

Insect Bacteria Study Hopes To Create Mosquitos Without Malaria

Medical Schools And Book --- Is There Still A Need?

Drones Can Safely Deliver Blood Samples --- Here's How

October 4th Officially Henrietta Lacks Day In Baltimore

Science Of Learning Institute Supports Projects Based Around Human Learning

Brain Reward System Tied To Moral Character

Sleep Apnea Causes Cardiovascular & Metabolic Stress --- Hopkins Study

"Liquid Biopsy" Recommended For Early Pancreatic Cencer

Hopkins Designs Drone To Explore Saturn's Largest Moon

Blood Test Finds Cancer Before Symptoms Start

Apply For The Next Cohort Of Hopkins' Social Innovation Lab

Applied Physics Library's Drama Club Raises The Theatrical Roof

Hopkins All Children's Hospital Doctor: Cases of Herpes In Babies Isn't Rare

300 Million Federal Grant Funds Used To Promote Public Health In Developing Countries

Hopkins Researchers Present Malawi Findings At AIDS Meeting In Paris

New Study Recommends Changing Assessment Guidelines for Orthostatic Hypotension

Researchers Cast As "Tooth Fairies" To Understand Autism

Hopkins Facility Offers "Real World" Training In Simulated Setting

Prediabetes Risk Unrecognized By Many Primary Care Providers

Saliva As Good As Blood For Diagnosing Hepatitis E

Scientists Take Closer Look At Zebrafish Regeneration

Hopkins Surgeons Develop Minimally Invasive Surgery For Chronic Pancreatitis

Hopkins Applied Physics Lab To Design Asteroid Re-Detection Test

Hopkins School of Nursing Launches DNP/PhD Program

Success For First 20 Patients Undergoing Minimally Invasive Pancreatic Transplant Surgery

Problems For Newborns Exposed To Opiods

Hopkins Med School Grads Launch "White Coat strategists"

New Technique Can Clone Thousands Of New Genes At One TIme

Hopkins Announces Family Leave For New Parents Policy

Study Reveals 19 Yr. Olds Physical Activity on Par With 60 Yr. Olds

Hopkins Researchers Say They've Unlocked Key To Cancer Metastasis

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Next Gen Metagenomic Sequencing May Detect Viral Infections

Emergency Room Patients Routinely Overcharged

From A Tiny Village In Ghana To Graduation From Johns Hopkins

Using Existing Drugs Researchers Alter Biochemical Signaling Proces

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New Cellular Target Could Put Brakes On Cancer's Ability To Spread

Hopkins Center Merges Music and Medicine

Children Who Exercise Have Less Health Care Problems As Adults

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Hopkins And Facebook Collaborating On "Mind Typing"

The Challenges And Difficulties Behind Fasting

Air Pollution Causing Your Year-Round Runny Nose?

Hopkins Part Of Facebook "Mind-Reading" Team

Hopkins Researchers Discover A Healthy Gut Loses And Regenerates Nerve Cells

Risk Factors For Heart Disease & Stroke Tied To Alzheimer's

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Healthier Weight May Produce Fewer Migraines

Risk of Data Breach Greater At Larger Facilities & Teaching Hospitals

Study Shows Probiotics May Provide Psychiatric Benefits

Study Shows Gallbladder Removal Common --- But May Not Be Necessary

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Hopkins "Great Literature Bake-Off" Offers Just Desserts For All

New Insight Into Cerebellum's Role In Motor Learning Process

Shutting Down Key Protein Could Help With Prevent Alzheimer's

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Cancer Linked To DNA Copying Mistakes

Shutting Down Key Protein Could Help With Prevent Alzheimer's

Hepatitis C Mutations "Outrun" Immune Systems

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Prescriptions May Hold Keys To Opioid Addiction

Non-Invasive Imaging Helps Predict Heart Attacks

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U.S. News Ranks Several Hopkins Programs Among Best In Nation

Researchers Push For More FDA Transparency

Dizzy Spells During Middle Age May Increase Risk For Dementia In Older Adults

Pollution Tied To Premature Births

Improved Women's Health Can Lead To Sharp Reduction In Domestic Violence

Calcium Supplements Dangerous To Your Heart?

Partnership With Health Real Estate Firm Aims To Expand Service For Elderly

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Can Taking One Of Our Welch Classes Be An Act Of Trickery?

Researchers Link Long-Term Visual Memory With How Things Move

Researchers Engineer "Enforcer Cells" To Target Lethal Bacteria

Children's Asthma Symptoms Improve With Family Education About Household Allergans

Study ID's Common Gene Variants Associated With Gallbladder Cancer

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Hopkins Among 4 Universities Picked By Amazon To Work On Voice Services

Suboxone Unreliable In Stopping Opiod Use

Researchers Find Unexpected Cell Route That May Explain Alzhemier's And Parkinson's

Hopkins Professor Studies Brain Recovery After Stroke

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Common Household Appliances Could Cause Pacemaker Malfunctions

Adults With Autism Overcome Childhood Language Problems

Hopkins Research: No Evidence Of CMV In Aggressive Brain Cancer Tissues

Many Continue Taking Prescription Opiods During Addiction Treatment

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Scientists Creating Cells To Eat Bacteria

Breast Cancer Stem Cells Resist Chemotherapy

Scientists ID Chain Reaction Shielding Breast Cancer Stem Cells From Chemotherapy

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Pros & Cons Of Standing (Or Sitting) At Work Explored

Is "Overprescribing" A Problem?

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Gado Images And Black History Month

8th Annual "HopHacks" Crowns A New Winner

An Investigation Into Phlegm

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Parasitic Worm May Cause Of Seizure Disorder In Children

Zika Shows An Extended Persistence In Bodily Fluids

Sleep Deprivation Thwarts New Memories

Clinical Trial Using Marijuana To Treat Vets With PTSD Underway

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Potential Danger Mixing Cocaine With Your Sex Life

"Ignition Key" Revs Up DNA to Make Antibodies

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Information and History About BorrowDirect

Newborn Rats Hold Secret To Manufacture Of Human Heart Cells

Aplastic Patients Free Of Disease After Bone Marrow Transplant And Chemo

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Personality Linked To Brain Structure

Understanding The Mystical Experience

Toxic Metals Found In E-Cigarette Liquids

Hopkins To Share Surgical Methods With Over 700 Hospitals

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Toddlers Suffer Eye Burns From Dangerous Laundry Packets

Sleep Deprivation Handicaps Brain's Ability To Form New Memories

Sleep Deprivation Handicaps Brain's Ability To Form New Memories

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Movie "Hidden Figures" Prompts Conversation About Women & Minorities In Science

Cocaine Use Heightens Unsafe Sex Risk

"Breastsleeping" And Mental Health

Researchers Uncover Mechanism In Chikungunya That Controls Disease Severity


Hopkins Leads "Innovator Hospital" Movement To Bring ICU's Into Information Age

Early-Life Antibiotic Use Associated With Childhood BMI

Hopkins Researchers Successfully Regenerate Heart Muscle Cells Using Stem Cells

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New Peptide Could Improve Treatment For Vision-Threatening Disease

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: All You Need For Course Reserves

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: The Welch Library Building Has Much To Love

Cervical Cancer Mortality Rates Possibly Underrated

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Have You "reDiscovered" The Welch Library

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: The Solution To Frequently Asked Questions

Study ID's Molecular Signal For Adult Neuron Maintenance

Researchers Struggle To Replicate 5 Influential Cancer Experiments From Top Labs

Hopkins Docs To Provide Fitness Advice On Under Armour's Apps

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Research Funding Opportunities

Personalized Treatment For Those In blood Pressure "Gray Zone"

Aspirin Targets Key Protein In Alzheimer's

Scientists Create Mosquitoes Resistant To Dengue Virus

Video Addiction May Be Normal

Cell Biologist Discover New Information Regarding Cell Duplication

Searching For The Elusive Cancer Causing Genes

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Hopkins Researchers Identify New Biological Target For Treating Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Recent Mice Experiments May Help FDA-Approved Therapy For Spinal Muscular Atrophy

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Using The Cochrane Library To Find Systematic Reviews

Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Chosen To Supply Instruments For Future NASA Missions

Hopkins Creates DNA Nanotube "Circus Act"

Under Armour Partners With Hopkins To Integrate Data & Expertise Into Health Apps

Toshiba Signs On With Hopkins Innovation Hub

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Ignition Interlock Laws Reduce Alcohol-Related Crashes

Wounded Warrior Project Trains At JHU

Drones Being Prepped To Transport Crucial Medical Supplies

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JHU And The Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) Part Of Multi-Research Agreement With Facebook

Fake Medical Journals On The Rise

Treatment Method Reveals Local Control Of Cervical Cancer

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Hopkins Collaboration To Open Eight Kidney Care Centers

Link Between Sleep/Wake Cycles And Core Body Temp Discovered

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Hopkins Program Provides Less Expensive Care For East Baltimore Residents

Welch Library Holiday Hours

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: No Need For Sherlock Holmes! It's Easy To Find Your Informationist

Medical Detectives Raced To Save A Lie

Direect-To-Brain Chemo Better Than Systemic Drugs When Immunotherapy Follows

Humans, Mice, Lo-Carb Diet And The Kabuki Syndrome

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USDA Weighs In On "Sell By" And "Best If Used By"

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New Bioinformatics Tool Explores Methods For Finding Mutant Genes Driving Cancer

Researchers Use Chemical "Cocktail" To Reset Stem Cells Developmental Clock

Researchers Identify Mental Health Screening Tools For Latino Children

"Off-Switch" Found For Inflammatory Immune Response That Causes Asthma

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