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Air Pollution Causing Your Year-Round Runny Nose?

Hopkins Part Of Facebook "Mind-Reading" Team

Hopkins Researchers Discover A Healthy Gut Loses And Regenerates Nerve Cells

Risk Factors For Heart Disease & Stroke Tied To Alzheimer's

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Obtaining Articles Online

Healthier Weight May Produce Fewer Migraines

Risk of Data Breach Greater At Larger Facilities & Teaching Hospitals

Study Shows Probiotics May Provide Psychiatric Benefits

Study Shows Gallbladder Removal Common --- But May Not Be Necessary

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: An FAQ Page That Will Bring A Smile

Hopkins "Great Literature Bake-Off" Offers Just Desserts For All

New Insight Into Cerebellum's Role In Motor Learning Process

Shutting Down Key Protein Could Help With Prevent Alzheimer's

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Cancer Linked To DNA Copying Mistakes

Shutting Down Key Protein Could Help With Prevent Alzheimer's

Hepatitis C Mutations "Outrun" Immune Systems

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Prescriptions May Hold Keys To Opioid Addiction

Non-Invasive Imaging Helps Predict Heart Attacks

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U.S. News Ranks Several Hopkins Programs Among Best In Nation

Researchers Push For More FDA Transparency

Dizzy Spells During Middle Age May Increase Risk For Dementia In Older Adults

Pollution Tied To Premature Births

Improved Women's Health Can Lead To Sharp Reduction In Domestic Violence

Calcium Supplements Dangerous To Your Heart?

Partnership With Health Real Estate Firm Aims To Expand Service For Elderly

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Can Taking One Of Our Welch Classes Be An Act Of Trickery?

Researchers Link Long-Term Visual Memory With How Things Move

Researchers Engineer "Enforcer Cells" To Target Lethal Bacteria

Children's Asthma Symptoms Improve With Family Education About Household Allergans

Study ID's Common Gene Variants Associated With Gallbladder Cancer

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Hopkins Among 4 Universities Picked By Amazon To Work On Voice Services

Suboxone Unreliable In Stopping Opiod Use

Researchers Find Unexpected Cell Route That May Explain Alzhemier's And Parkinson's

Hopkins Professor Studies Brain Recovery After Stroke

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Common Household Appliances Could Cause Pacemaker Malfunctions

Adults With Autism Overcome Childhood Language Problems

Hopkins Research: No Evidence Of CMV In Aggressive Brain Cancer Tissues

Many Continue Taking Prescription Opiods During Addiction Treatment

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Scientists Creating Cells To Eat Bacteria

Breast Cancer Stem Cells Resist Chemotherapy

Scientists ID Chain Reaction Shielding Breast Cancer Stem Cells From Chemotherapy

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Services Available From The Welch Service Center

Pros & Cons Of Standing (Or Sitting) At Work Explored

Is "Overprescribing" A Problem?

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Gado Images And Black History Month

8th Annual "HopHacks" Crowns A New Winner

An Investigation Into Phlegm

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: In This Video Our Resources Are Front And Center

Parasitic Worm May Cause Of Seizure Disorder In Children

Zika Shows An Extended Persistence In Bodily Fluids

Sleep Deprivation Thwarts New Memories

Clinical Trial Using Marijuana To Treat Vets With PTSD Underway

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Potential Danger Mixing Cocaine With Your Sex Life

"Ignition Key" Revs Up DNA to Make Antibodies

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Information and History About BorrowDirect

Newborn Rats Hold Secret To Manufacture Of Human Heart Cells

Aplastic Patients Free Of Disease After Bone Marrow Transplant And Chemo

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Personality Linked To Brain Structure

Understanding The Mystical Experience

Toxic Metals Found In E-Cigarette Liquids

Hopkins To Share Surgical Methods With Over 700 Hospitals

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Toddlers Suffer Eye Burns From Dangerous Laundry Packets

Sleep Deprivation Handicaps Brain's Ability To Form New Memories

Sleep Deprivation Handicaps Brain's Ability To Form New Memories

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Movie "Hidden Figures" Prompts Conversation About Women & Minorities In Science

Cocaine Use Heightens Unsafe Sex Risk

"Breastsleeping" And Mental Health

Researchers Uncover Mechanism In Chikungunya That Controls Disease Severity


Hopkins Leads "Innovator Hospital" Movement To Bring ICU's Into Information Age

Early-Life Antibiotic Use Associated With Childhood BMI

Hopkins Researchers Successfully Regenerate Heart Muscle Cells Using Stem Cells

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New Peptide Could Improve Treatment For Vision-Threatening Disease

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: All You Need For Course Reserves

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: The Welch Library Building Has Much To Love

Cervical Cancer Mortality Rates Possibly Underrated

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Have You "reDiscovered" The Welch Library

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: The Solution To Frequently Asked Questions

Study ID's Molecular Signal For Adult Neuron Maintenance

Researchers Struggle To Replicate 5 Influential Cancer Experiments From Top Labs

Hopkins Docs To Provide Fitness Advice On Under Armour's Apps

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: How Man New Electronic Resources To The Welch Collection In The Last Month?

Research Funding Opportunities

Personalized Treatment For Those In blood Pressure "Gray Zone"

Aspirin Targets Key Protein In Alzheimer's

Scientists Create Mosquitoes Resistant To Dengue Virus

Video Addiction May Be Normal

Cell Biologist Discover New Information Regarding Cell Duplication

Searching For The Elusive Cancer Causing Genes

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Hopkins Researchers Identify New Biological Target For Treating Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Recent Mice Experiments May Help FDA-Approved Therapy For Spinal Muscular Atrophy

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Using The Cochrane Library To Find Systematic Reviews

Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Chosen To Supply Instruments For Future NASA Missions

Hopkins Creates DNA Nanotube "Circus Act"

Under Armour Partners With Hopkins To Integrate Data & Expertise Into Health Apps

Toshiba Signs On With Hopkins Innovation Hub

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Ignition Interlock Laws Reduce Alcohol-Related Crashes

Wounded Warrior Project Trains At JHU

Drones Being Prepped To Transport Crucial Medical Supplies

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JHU And The Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) Part Of Multi-Research Agreement With Facebook

Fake Medical Journals On The Rise

Treatment Method Reveals Local Control Of Cervical Cancer

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Hopkins Collaboration To Open Eight Kidney Care Centers

Link Between Sleep/Wake Cycles And Core Body Temp Discovered

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Hopkins Program Provides Less Expensive Care For East Baltimore Residents

Welch Library Holiday Hours

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: No Need For Sherlock Holmes! It's Easy To Find Your Informationist

Medical Detectives Raced To Save A Lie

Direect-To-Brain Chemo Better Than Systemic Drugs When Immunotherapy Follows

Humans, Mice, Lo-Carb Diet And The Kabuki Syndrome

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USDA Weighs In On "Sell By" And "Best If Used By"

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New Bioinformatics Tool Explores Methods For Finding Mutant Genes Driving Cancer

Researchers Use Chemical "Cocktail" To Reset Stem Cells Developmental Clock

Researchers Identify Mental Health Screening Tools For Latino Children

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"Off-Switch" Found For Inflammatory Immune Response That Causes Asthma

Vitamin D Linked To Sex Hormones In Elderly

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Study Reveals --- Memories Are More "Shared" Than Idiosyncratic

Hopkins To Open Transgender Health Center In 2017

Link Established Between Rogue Antibodies And Poor Health Outcomes

"Shock And Kill" HIV Strategy May Endanger Brain

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Researchers Uncover More Genetic Ties to Brain Cancer Cell Growth

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: The Online Management Tool That Your "Survival" May Depend On!

Study Finds Psychedelics Helps With Anxiety/Depression

New Imaging Method Detects, Monitors, Guides Prostate Cancer Treatment

Our Ancestor "Lucy" Loved To Get Vertical

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Arsenic Exposure & Type I Diabetes In Youth --- A Connection?

Bloomberg School Of Public Health Partners With Caribbean Vet University

Workers At Hog Farms Exposed To Multidrug-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Strains

Innovation Finds New Home In East Baltimore

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Enzyme "Editing" Preferences Show Implications Towards Infertility & Cancer

Hopkins "Urgent Care" Now Includes Cancer Patients

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Informationist Services For Selected User Groups

Influenza Pilot Study At Hopkins

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13 Hopkins Scientists Among Most Cited Researchers In The World

Working To Shorten Drug Approval Time

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: A Word (Or Two) About Our Collection

Major Breakthroughs In 3D & Plastic Bone Replacement

Better Pre-Diabetes Definition Can Help Those With Long-Term Complications

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Those Dancing Fools!!!

Vitamin D May Assist Those With Multiple Sclerosis

New Collaboration Focuses On Immuno-Oncology Research


Experimental Drug Reveals Powerful Punch Against Prostate Cancer Cells

Bulk Of World Child Deaths Located Within 10 Countries

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: The Most Novel And Original Way To Contact The Welch Library

Hopkins Study: Value of 2nd 2nd Opinion In Prostate Cancer Uncertain

Haiti Launches Massive Anti-Cholera Vaccination Campaign

New Study Challenges Past Nobel Prize Results

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: The Other Hopkins Libraries

Hopkins Wins Collaborative Grant To Study Impact Of Cooking Methods On Air Pollution

Nanofiber Coating Prevents Infections In Artificial Joints

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: The Low Down On Getting Full-Text Articles

Website And App Connect Baltimore Youth To Health Resources

Hopkins To Study Better Disease Diagnosis

Data Indicate Significant Impact Of NIH African Bioethics Program

The Growing Telehealth Phenomenon

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Did Someone Ask You To Submit An E-Reserve? Here's How To Start

Researchers Use Test That Mimic Video Game To Study Learning And Recovery In Stroke Patients

Hopkins Receives Grant To Study Child Asthma

The Rise of Oral Cancer In Men

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PBS Question Focuses On The Future Of Libraries

Hopkins Collaborates To Make Hospitals Safer

Hopkins StartUp Assists With Course Registration

Welch Tip Of The Day: Do You Have A Question About CIRCULATION?

NIH Awards Grant to Hopkins, Emory & Colorado St. For Air Pollution Study

Major Medical Centers Engaged In Ground-Breaking Alzheimer's Research

Same Day CT Scans May Reduce Unnecessary Procedures & Patient Risk

Cancer Patient Describes "Miracle"

Hopkins Wins Contract To Optimize Antibiotic Prescribing

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Are You Familiar With Our WELDOC Services?

Details On Hopkins Pediatric Early Mobilization Program

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Online Tutorials To The Rescue!

The DASH Diet Could Assist With Gout

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: RefWorks To The Rescue

Bat Hearing Key To Their Survival

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Need A Little Frankenstein In Your Life?

Do Calcium Supplements Damage Your Heart?

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Our SUBJECTS Page Is One-Stop Shopping

New Hopkins Breast Cancer App Helps Detect Recurrence

Study Reveals Racial Bias In Genomics Databases

Study Finds Chief Nerve Cell Killer

Altering Human "Flavor" Could Help Prevent Malaria

Study Reveal Potential New Approach To Alzheimer's

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Here We Are! See How We Work At The Welch Library

New Links Found Between Zika And Neurological Problems In Adults

Hopkins Researchers Identify Protein That Triggers Brain Cell Death

Hopkins Carey School School Of Business Is Now Available

Follow Up Review On Hospital Mark-Ups

The "New Script" Of Nursing --- Video Created By Hopkins School Of Nursing

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Welch Library Resources --- Pure Cinema!!!

Sharing The Nobel For The Exotic States Of Matter

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Our "Welch Moments" Video Is Still Playing At A Theater Near You

New Study Shows Roadblock In Spread Of Parkinson's

High Indoor Temps May Worsen COPD Symptoms

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Yes! You CAN Request A New Library Resource

Low-Tech Approach To Tackling Cancer Cures

On the Horizon: Live Streaming Your Doctor's Exam

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: The Welch Services Center (WSC) A Knowledge Paradise

Hopkins Professor Believe Health Care System Undermines Obesity Epidemic

NATURE Looks At the Nobel Prize: Before And After Announcements Are Made

Have Artificial Sweeteners Just Been Exposed?

Moon Creation Hypothesis Supported By Scientists


Elsevier Is Now Up And Running

The Blind Can Re-Purpose "Visual Cortex" To Solve Math

Global Burden Of Human Hookworm Infection

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: NIH Public Access Policy

Bloomberg School of Public Health Wins 95 Million NIH Grant

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Our Welch SUBJECTS Page Is A Perfect Landing Place

Transparency In Health Care Provider Performance

Hopkins Part Of Network To Address Mental Health In Eastern Mediterrean Region

Hopkins Social Innovation Lab Accepting Submissions

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Using The Cochrane Library To Find Systematic Reviews

US Toughens Rules For Clinical Trial Transparency

Testing Drones For Speedy Delivery Of Lab Tests


Prescription Drugs Battle "Superlice"

Suggested New Role For Blood Vessels Controlling Blood Pressure

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Catalyst Search Options

Hopkins Finds 2,000 Percent Hospital Mark-Ups Common Practice

"Cruise Missile" Against Cancer

Experimental TB Treatment --- More Harm Than Good?

Can Virtual Colonoscopies Yield More Cancer Screenings

Oxycontin Taking A Public Health Toll

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Endnote: Importing Records from PubMed

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: How Do I Find My Informationist?

New Academic Program Focuses On Solutions To Health Risks Associated With Environment

Federal Prosecutors Join Fight Against Predatory Journals

Scientists Track Metabolic Pathways To Find Drug Combo For Pancreatic Cancer

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Books, Music, Movies! All Through Our Catalog

NATURE comments on Misconduct & Irreproducibility

Hopkins and Salk Lead Initiative To Unravel Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: RefWorks Assistance!!!

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Using The Cochrane Library To Find Systematic Reviews

Study Shows Tapeworm Drug Provides Hope Against Zika

Half Price EpiPen Being Introduced

Researchers Ask The Public: Who Gets Saved First?

Hopkins To Open Multidisciplinary Center Focused on Zika

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Have You Got The Urge For Bioinformatics?

Emphasizing Excellence In Education

Severe Obesity Stands Alone As Factor In Heart Failure

Are Psychedelics Effective In Treating Disease?

Analyzing Why Rigorous Studies Get Smaller Effect Sizes

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Our Library Services Tutorials Are Just What The Doctor Ordered

JAMA Introduces New Department: "JAMA Professionalism"

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Citation Management? We've Got That!

Study Finds 1 in 3 Former ICU Patients Show Symptoms Of Depression

JAMA Article Questions Headline-Grabbing "Medical Errors" Study

Hopkins Helps Apple Fix iMessage Security Issue

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Have You Seen Our Welch Library Resources Video?

Hopkins Public Health Researchers Win Zika Challenge Grants

Pathologists: Certain Tests For Non-Invasive Breast Cancer Patients Unnecessary

Hopkins Study Challenges Tests For Breast Cancer Patients

Study Shows Dormant Copies Of HIV Defective

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: You Have Questions, We Have An FAQ Page

Diet Study Confirms: Good For Your Heart, Good For Your Kidneys

The "Physics Engine" Inside Your Brain

Building New Bone From Scratch

Hopkins Tests EpiWatch App To Track Seizures

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Explore Our New E-Trials!!!

Study Focuses On Eliminating Racial Disparities In Outcomes Of Blood Pressure Control Groups

Study Shows Cancer Cells Pursue Paths To Oxygen

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Need To Request A Book, Journal Or Electronic Resource?

Generic Biologic Drugs Comparable To Brand Name

Hopkins Students Design Device To Treat Battlefield Injuries

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Welch Staff Organization

Oxidative Stress In Huntingdon's Disease

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Wondering About Your E-Reserves?

In Development: Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Hand

Amino Acid Cysteine Fights Huntingdon's Disease

Genetic Variance In Cells From Same Cell Bank

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: How Hot Is It? How Enough To Go Inside --- And We've Got JUST The Place

Could Brain Training Cut Risk Of Dementia?

Will Apple Watch App Be Able To Predict Seizures?

Hopkins Raises The "Live Where You Work" Stakes

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Need To Reserve A Room At The Welch Library?

New Hope For Those With Facial Disfugurement

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Need To Find A Quiet Space?

Scientists Find Protein That Assist Muscle Growth

Most Troubling Mosquito Disease Facing Rio Olympics Isn't Zika

New Hope For Those With Facial Disfugurement

Lyme Drugs Not Always Effective With "Persister" Cells

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Need To find A Hopkins Expert?

A Connection Between Over-The-Counter Heartburn Drugs And Kidney Disease/Failure

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Off-Campus & Need Access Assistance?

Free Will In The Brain --- Take A Peek

Convergence Science Creates Potential Research-To-Product Pipeline

Drug Tests That Spot Cancer DNA Provide Peace Of Mind

Sr. Staff At Nature, Science And Other Journals Turn Away From "Impact Factor"

HIV Epidemic Still Troubling

Recent Study Launches Retraction Controversy

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: RefWorks Assistance To The Rescue

ARE IRB's Taking Over For Hospitals?

New Drug Could Transform Treatment Of Heart Failure

A Better Path To The Assessment of Surgical Skill


Mice Study Offers New Model for Alzheimier's/Dementia Connection

New Alzheimer's Discovery Could Led To Treatment

Bacteria In Body Linked To Presence Of Cancer In Mouth & Throat

Protein Discovery Could Assist Parkinson's Treatments


Cancer Immunotherapy May Increase Risk of Rheumatologic Disorders

Hopkins Works For Nutrition Innovation In PreTeens

Potential For Drone Use In Developing World

Hopkins Project Of The Year: Patient Safety

Study Uses DNA Sequencing To Diagnose Brain Infections

Hopkins Study Produces Method For Measuring Appeal of Commercial Products

Blood Test Shows Promise In Gauging Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Looking For Solutions To The Heroin Crisis

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Informationists To The Rescue

Lab-Grown Nerve Cells Affect Heart

Sharing Painkillers With Friends Drives Opioid Epidemic

Researchers Develop Lab Test That Predicts Glioblastoma Aggression & Spread

Maternal Nutrition During Pregnancy May Reduce Obesity Risk

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Welch Library Classes --- Beat The Clock!

Premature Prescriptions For STD's

Scientists Search For Link Between Head Trauma And Parkinson's

The "Sunshine Vitamin" Gets An In-Depth Analysis

American Lung Association Creates Enhanced Partnership With Hopkins Research Team

Hopkins Collaborates As "Center Of Excellence" With Univ. Of Maryland

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Are You On The Hunt For A Hopkins Expert?

Hopkins Study: Proposal For Genetically Modified Mosquitos Troubling

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: What Subject Are You Looking For?

Are "Liquid Biopsies" The Next Wave?

Scientists Want CRISPR To Fix Everything --- What's Wrong With That?

Brain Tissue Study Reveals Autism/Schizophrenia Partnership

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Dean Michael Klag Offers His Own "Welch Moment"

Is Creation of Synthetic Human Genome In Our Future?

Delays With Dementia Recognition Can Produce Potential Dangers

Study: Periodontal Disease Bacteria Related To Pancreatic Cancer Risk

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Oncology Social Worker Lacy Fetting Provides Another "Welch Moment"

Suggested Way To Discuss Alzheimer's

Overtime Pay For Science PostDocs Come With Potentially Negative Ramifications

Hopkins Built Telescope Searches For Early Beginning Of The Universe

Cells Engineered From Muscular Dystrophy Patients Offer Clues To Various Symptoms

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: A Delightful "Welch Moment"

Survey Ponders Potential Reproducibility Crisis

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Bioinformatics Tutorials That Are Too Wonderful For Words

Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics Receives "Center Of Excellence" Grant

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Still Haven't Heard About Our Informationist Program?

Can Too Much Folic Acid Promote Autism?

Brain Cells That Orient US To Gravity

Eyes Wide Open: Scientists ID Neurons That Appear To Control Sleep Drive

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Don't Forget Our FAQ Page

Hopkins Faculty Develops New App For Pancreatic Conditions

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Look What's Available In "Kanopy"

Hopkins Student Healthcare Design Competition Winner Targets Sinusitis

Hopkins Scientist Programs Robot For Soft Tissue Surgery

Study Reveals: Heart Drug Linked To Risk Of Dementia

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Welch Library's "Different Perspectives"

STEM Education Showcase In Baltimore County Led By Hopkins Professor

Hopkins Associated Firm Plans Zika Trials For Fall

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Stressed Out Over Submitting An E-Reserve?

Generic Treatment for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Could Save Millions

Adults With Bipolar Disorder At Equal Risk for Anxiety or Depression Following Episodes of Mania

Bangladesh Develops Portable Incubator

Hopkins And Coalition To Transform Advanced Care Team-Up To Bridge Health Disparities Gap

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Need Help With Database Searching?

Hopkins Tech Start-Ups Solving Health Care Problems

Food Allergies Not Related To Increased Sensitivity

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Today Is The Last Day To Win AN iPad Mini!!!

Norovirus Studies Reveals Global Burden

Hopkins Study: Young Drinkers Drawn To "Jello Shots"

Hopkins Launches Film Incubator To Cultivate New Voices

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Why Requesting A New Resource Is Like A Brand New Gift

Experimental Drug Found Safe For Colorectal Cancer Patients

WELCH TIP OF THE DAY: Tips For Getting Your Hands On Full-Text Articles

Utilizing PDMP To Fight Opiod Deaths