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Weldoc Document Services


WelDoc is a Welch service that delivers articles and books to current JHMI faculty, students and staff.


Barbara Watkins, Supervisor

Office: 410-955-3418

Email: weldoc@jhmi.edu


Registering with WelDoc

Use the online form to register for an account. Once registered, access WelDoc by using your JHED ID and password.


Placing your Order

Place your order using these simple steps for an article:

  1. 1. Sign in with your JHED username and password to get to the WelDoc website.
  2. 2. From a database like PubMed, use the FindIt link and choose Weldoc from the list of links on the FindIt menu, the citation information will automatically populate the request form.
  3. 3. Scroll to the bottom of the request form and click "Submit." You’re done!


Please Note:

If you are ordering a print or physical item that will be delivered to you (book, video, etc.), please select a "Preferred Delivery Method." We will deliver to offices or to one of the 8 Welch Drop-Off locations on campus:

  • Pre-Clinical Teaching Bldg, RM 115-116
  • Armstrong, 306
  • Bloomberg, E4643
  • Hampton House, 9th floor
  • Bayview, Harrison Library
  • Institute of the History of Medicine
  • Welch Library
  • NIRC


Receving your Items

When the item you ordered arrives at the WelDoc office, you will get an email with a link to the WelDoc website. Click on the link and select one of the following:


For articles or book chapters, look in the left-hand column, under the View menu, and click on the link to Electronically Received Articles. Your PDF will display in a list. Please save it to another place, since items will remain in WelDoc for only 30 days.


If you ordered a book or video, look in the same column area but click on Checked Out Items.


Turnaround Time

In most cases, articles will be available in 7 working days (Monday through Friday). Books or other physical items will take longer. They may take up to two weeks.


Track the progress of your request online by going to the WelDoc site and clicking on Outstanding Requests in the left-hand column under the View menu.


Books Owned by Hopkins

If you want a book that is in Catalyst request it directly from the catalog.


Look for the Request button next to the title of the book you want.


Loansome Doc

Loansome Doc is the National Library of Medicine’s program for ordering articles while searching in PubMed. The requests are sent to WelDoc and we process them but you place the order through the Loansome Doc service. To make the services work together you’ll need to do the following:


In the application process you will be asked for your library’s ID. Give them Welch’s ID, mdujhu.


Use the same login ID for both your WelDoc and Loansome Doc accounts.


Applying for theWelDoc account before you apply for a Loansome Doc account will make the process go more smoothly.



Call 410-955-3418 or email us at weldoc@jhmi.edu



Welch Library follows United States copyright laws and, when necessary, pay royalty fees to obtain materials for our users.


The copyright law of the United States Title 17, United States Code governs the making of photocopies and other reproductions of copyrighted materials.


Libraries are permitted to obtain copies of copyrighted works under conditions spelled out in sect. 108.


People engaged in teaching and research are granted certain reproduction rights in sect. 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use.


HINT: If, in your searching, you see the FindIt button, SFX FindIt icon click on it. If we have a subscription to the journal, FindIt will take you there. If we do not have a subscription, FindIt will link you to the WelDoc order form and fill in the citation information for you.