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Welch Library Course Reserves Policy



The Welch Medical Library reserves coordinator for your school can arrange to put print or online library resources for your classes on reserve.


School of Medicine Christopher Henry 410.735.6552 chenry4@jhmi.edu
  Marie Esch 410.735.6550 mesch1@jhmi.edu
School of Nursing Vivian McCall 410.735.4909 vmcall1@jhmi.edu
School of Public Health Joseph Martellotta 410.735.6571 jmartel1@jhmi.edu


  • To ensure the materials your students need are available on time, please make your request 4-6 weeks before your course begins.
  • If you need material for your course that is not already in the Welch collection, the library will purchase it.
  • Welch follows Educational Fair Use guidelines and will absorb any necessary copyright fees for Reserves.


Online Reserves

Welch staff work with the Course Management Software of all three JHM schools. We place links to the web-accessible resources requested for a course in the CMS. We can also give you the information you need to link directly to eResources in your course’s website.


We do not place pdfs or other kinds of copies of articles or chapters in the CMS; we only post links to the material. We do this for two reasons:

  • this practice complies with Fair Use Guidelines for copyright, and
  • we get a better understanding of resource use if each person goes to the source for the article; if the pdf is posted in the CMS many people may use the article but our use data will only reflect one use– the time it was downloaded for posting.


Physical Reserves

Faculty may also place required physical textbooks, supplemental textbooks on reserve for courses. To reserve these materials for your class please fill out this online E-Reserves Request Form


Welch print course reserve materials are available at the following locations:


School of Medicine

Armstrong Bldg, Reserve Room 306


School of Nursing

Carol J. Gray Study Room, Room 313


School of Public Health

School of Public Health Bloomberg building, E4643

School of Public Health Hampton House, 9th floor


Reserve materials at these locations circulate using an honor system. If you have personal copies of materials that you wish to place on reserve you may wish to make alternate arrangements for their availability.


More material on copyright, academic & educational permissions, rights retention and open access

Copyright explanatory materials:
Additional information on Academic & Educational Permissions at:


For more information on why and how to retain your copyrights, see the Johns Hopkins Scholarly Communications Group and SHERPA, which is a resource in which you can find the rights-retention policies of many journals and publishers http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo