Tips for Getting Full-Text Articles |

Tips for Getting Full-Text Articles


The Welch Website gives you the best route to full‐text. It connects you to subscribed electronic journals, databases and books. Entering any one of these resources via the website ensures your access to Welch’s subscribed online resources. If necessary you will be asked to authenticate using your JHED ID. To find your JHED ID go to My Johns Hopkins Portal.


Any time you work from the Welch website, look for these two full‐text icons:

find it   full text


FIND IT buttons can appear in PubMed, Google Scholar and many other article look up databases. When you click on a FIND IT button you will bring up a screen that will direct you to the full-text of your article. If FIND IT does not locate a Hopkins copy of the article you are looking for, it provides seamless access to WelDoc, Welch’s free document delivery service so you can order it.


find it


You will see the JHU FULL-TEXT icon in a PubMed record only when Welch subscribes to the journal. This icon will link you directly to the article.




  • I don’t see FIND IT buttons in Google Scholar.

    You’ll need to configure your Google Scholar preferences. From the main search screen simply click on Scholar Preferences


    google scholar


    Scroll to the Library Links section of the next page and search for Johns Hopkins. Choose Johns Hopkins University – FIND IT @ JHU Full Text.


    google scholar JHU


    Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Preferences button before you leave the page


    google scholar


  • My JHED login doesn’t work

    Check your profile in the My Johns Hopkins Portal for A valid Johns Hopkins email address


    JHU screen


    Your primary campus needs to be designated as East Baltimore


    JHU screen


    Make sure you have the latest version of your browser and Adobe Reader.


    Try a different browser.




For any access problems you encounter and have difficulty resolving, please submit a Report Resource Access Problem on this URL describing the issue.