The Welch Library Embedded-Informationist Program |

The Welch Library Embedded-Informationist Program


Welch Medical Library’s 11 clinical, public health and basic science librarians are providing expert services to their assigned departments as embedded informationists within those departments.


The embedded informationist service model comprises customized information services –  delivered where you are, at your points of research, teaching and clinical care.  By working with you wherever you are, and integrating ourselves into your workflows, we will be able to answer your questions faster, fill your information needs more effectively, and act as your information expert on research and care teams.


We’ll still offer what you might think of as traditional services: troubleshooting your access issues, adding to Welch resource collections to suit your needs, answering reference or “quick” questions, and conducting literature and other information searches for you.


As your informationists, we’ll be much better positioned to offer instruction sessions, consultations and searching assistance, participate on systematic review teams, and collaborate on your projects as they evolve.


To foster our relationships, we may ask to attend your open activities such as grand rounds and seminars, and to present our services at one of your departmental meetings. As we get to know each other and we work with you to assess your information needs, we may suggest any or all of the following: holding set “office hours” somewhere in your research or clinical space; participating in your journal club or case/residents’ conference; participating on some of your committees.


We’re excited to be part of your team!


If you have further questions about our program, please contact Blair Anton.