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Getting Started with E-Reserves


In order to use E-Reserves, you must submit a request form to your reserve coordinator four to six weeks prior to the course start date. It is important to submit your request to the Welch team early. Each item you request must go through a copyright clearing process, which may take days or weeks. Thus, the earlier you make your request, the more likely your full set of readings will be available for students on the first day of class.


To request E-Reserves for your class, or to update an existing E-Reserves site, complete the E-Reserves Request Form


Working with Tags (Folders)


The E-Reserves system does not have visible folders for organizing content. To organize your reading list, you must include "tags" for each item. Tags are words or short phrases that you assign to each reading. The tags you have selected will appear at the top of the E-Reserves site for your course; students can click on a tag to see only those files marked with that tag.


For example, tags may provide session information ("Session 1," "Session 2," "Session 3,") so that students can see all of the readings for a specific class session. Alternatively, tags may indicate topic areas, such as "Maternal Health" or "Malaria." You can add multiple tags to a given reading, so you could have a reading tagged both "Session 2" and "Malaria."


Enter a tag for each item in the far right corner of the E-Reserves Request form--the column header is "Place Articles in Folder (Please list folder name, i.e., Module I, date, etc.)


(Specific to SPH) Linking to E-Reserves from CoursePlus


To activate the link to the E-Reserves system, click on "Class Materials & Resources." Locate the "E-Reserves" box on the bottom right and click on the red button to activate the link. This will create a link to the E-Reserves system but not a direct link to the materials for your course.


To create a direct link:
  1. 1. Contact your E-Reserve coordinator to get the direct link to the E-Reserves page for your course.
  2. 2. Select Edit in E-Reserves box on the "Class Materials & Resources" page and paste the URL supplied by your E-Reserve coordinator.
  3. 3. Click "Update" to save your changes.


Using the Same E-Reserves Site Over Multiple Years


To re-use an existing E-Reserves site for a course, complete the E-Reserves request form and select "Yes" next to "Should E-Reserves from the previous semester be copied?" You can specify items be added or removed from the E-Reserves site from previous courses.

More information on E-Reserves can be found on the Welch Library E-Reserves page.


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