Collections of the Welch Medical Library |

Collections of the Welch Medical Library


The collections of the William H. Welch Medical Library are shaped by the Library’s mission: “To provide the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and affiliates with information services that advance research, teaching, and patient care.”


The library collects current scholarly information that supports the research, clinical, administrative, and educational needs of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Because the library’s emphasis is on providing materials at point of need, the collection is primarily in electronic format. It covers health, the practice of medicine and related biomedical and allied health care disciplines, public health and related disciplines, nursing, research literature, methodological literature, reviews or state-of-the-art reports, and in-depth, authoritative analyses of areas influencing biomedicine and health care. The electronic collection includes more than 7,200 electronic journals, more than 400 databases, more than 13,000 e-books and more than 2,500 videos. The WelDoc Service provides access to materials not in the Hopkins collections.


The History of Medicine collection on the third floor of the Welch Building is a comprehensive collection, print and electronic, of history of medicine materials.