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Circulation Services


Welch Services Center staff checks materials in and out using your Hopkins ID badge. You can request library privileges here. Materials should be checked out from the site the user is visiting but materials can be returned to any JHU Library, except in the case of reserve materials. Fines can be paid at any JHU Library.


Books owned by the Johns Hopkins libraries can now be delivered to your JHMI office. Faculty and staff may request this service through the JHU Libraries Catalog. Simply click the blue REQUEST button that appears on the book's "full record" page and fill out the request form that follows. In the "Select a Pickup Location" drop-down menu, select the JHMI Department Office (faculty and staff). In the "Comment" field, please enter your office address as well as an email address or telephone number. Complete the form by entering your library barcode number and pin and clicking "Submit Request". Welch staff will pull the book and deliver it to your office within two business days.


For further information, contact the Welch Services Center at 410-955-3410, or email Welch Services Center.




Circulating materials can be renewed by yourself, or by calling any of the JHU Library Circulation desks. The Welch Service Center number is 410-955-3410.




Books* 6 weeks 2 renewals
Journals** do not circulate  
Audiovisuals 1 week no renewals
Computer software in-house use only  
Reference and rare books   do not circulate
Reserve Materials 2 hours or overnight  no renewals

* Books may be recalled at any time. There is a guaranteed loan period of 10 days for all recalled books.
**a limited number of bound journals can be checked out for 1 week with 4 renewals.




Fines must be paid before the total reaches $20 to prevent loss of borrowing privileges at any JHU Library. Items more than 24 days overdue are considered lost.


Regular Materials
Days Overdue Fine
1-10 None
11-16 $2.50 + $0.25/day up to $4.00
17-49 $4.00


Reserve Materials for Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health

Reserve materials for the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health circulate on an honor system. Students should use the supplied checkout logs, borrow materials overnight only and return them by 2:00 p.m. the following business day.




Days Overdue Notices Sent to Borrower
3 First Notice
10 Second Notice
43 (7th week) Final Notice
50 (8th week) A Letter is sent stating that the item is considered lost.

*Notices do not contain information on fines. Fines are invoiced separately.




Patrons are responsible for replacing their lost library materials. In addition to the cost of the item ($75 if cost is unknown), there is a $15 processing fee.




If a needed item is circulating, call the Circulation desk to request that the item be recalled. You may may also place the request yourself within the JHU Libraries Catalog. You will be notified when the item has been returned. No renewals are permitted for materials on hold.